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Waxing VS Shaving

Waxing vs shaving

It’s a catch 22, you hate having hair, so you shave every day.

The idea of waxing and the need to let the hair grow first in is not appealing to the people who hate having hair.

How can you possibly let your hair grow in all the time?

Ok. Waxing is misunderstood.

For people who hate having hair, waxing is the way to go. It is a process but easy to receive optimal results in a short time.

Once you have waxed an area consecutively 3 times without shaving in between the magic begins. No hair for weeks at a time! And when the hair does grow back, it grows in fine and sparse. You will have a lot less hair and it will be baby soft.

1. Waxing VS Shaving: here's how it works.

shaving is not very goodWith shaving, you are removing hair at the surface. This strengthens the hair follicle which results in thicker and more coarse hair. When the hair grows back in, it is so thick the skin is irritated with itchy red bumps. And the hair begins to grow back in within hours. Irritation and very rough stubble are the result. Ouch.

With waxing, you will let the hair grow in for about 3 weeks but only for the first appointment. The wax removes the hair from the root. You should be able to see the hair follicle on the wax. It is important to use a high-quality wax to avoid breaking the hair. Breaking the hair offers the same result as shaving. Stubble and ingrown hair.

waxing is the best way to remove hairThe very first wax appointment may leave a few hairs behind because the hair is growing in 3 different stages, so you have long, medium and short hair. The long hair is easiest to remove. The shortest hair is more difficult. A creamy high-quality wax will remove even the shortest most coarse hair.

Cirépil Escential Rose works well for this. It is a creamy wax that will seep down to the base of the hair creating a shrink wrap around the base of the hair. For a client who hasn’t let the hair grow in long enough, this wax is sure to remove every hair.

The waxing process will make the different hair growth cycles become the same length at the same time. This process takes 2-3 months which is 2-3 appointments. The benefit of waxing once a month without shaving in between is the hair becomes the same length at the same time. Wax is literally magic. It not only destroys the follicle resulting in softer hair and less hair, but the hair is all removed at one time. It will take weeks for the hair to grow back. When it grows back, all the hair will come in within days. Then you get waxed. It’s like clockwork.

Cirepil-boudoir boudoir_fun

Once the hair is softer and easy to remove, switch to a hypoallergenic wax like Cirépil Boudoir. It smells like cotton candy and is easy to use. It’s best to commit to waxing vs going back and forth between waxing and shaving. This way you will receive the full benefit of the waxing treatment.

2. Waxing VS Shaving: Recap.

> Shaving:

  • Big time investment everyday.
  • Stubble everyday-sometimes within hours of shaving.
  • Buying razors and shaving gel or cream.
  • Painful bumps and ingrown hair.
  • Irritation that is itchy that can last for days.
  • The hair grows in thicker, more coarse and more dense.

> Waxing:

  • One appointment approximately once a month.
  • Super smooth skin.
  • Hair free for weeks.
  • Easy on the budget.

Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 18 October 2022.