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Waxing the Wax?

Such an expression may sound a bit crazy, but it happens!

When using soft wax and a strip for removal, use caution with the thickness of wax application. Application of soft wax too thick will result in shredding of the wax upon removal or creating too hard of a pull which results with skin lifting. Only apply soft wax sufficiently thick to get the hair to adhere to the strip.

Too thick of soft wax application is not only a waste of materials (and unnecessarily costly), but also can result in the shredding of a wax strip leaving behind both wax and pieces of the strip left on the client. Certainly there are 'runs' of pellon material which have a fault in them. That is rare, but it does happen with the best of brands.

Remember to apply soft wax thinly to save money, time, and avoid 'shredding'. That way you won't end up "Waxing the Wax"