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Powder vs Oil, which is better?

powder vs oil, which is better for waxing

It is a highly debated subject in the waxing industry.

How to prepare the client's skin before waxing? What is not a debate in preparing the skin before waxing. We all do that. (Hopefully.)

Cleaning the skin before waxing is the first step to remove any oil, makeup, moisturizer and germs.

Cleaning is the first step before waxing.

purifying lotion before waxing

The Cirépil Purifying Blue Lotion by Perron Rigot has a low alcohol content making it perfect as the first step. A clean surface will help you to see the skin more clearly, will help prevent the spread of bacteria and will create a clean surface to move on to preparing the skin for hair removal. But then comes the controversy.

Oil or powder to prepare the skin before the wax? Once upon a time, powder was used before waxing, by most estheticians or cosmetologists. Did it work? Well, yes. Some people think if it's not broken, don’t fix it. People do not like to change their tried-and-true methods.

But what if there were a solution that resulted in a more comfortable experience for your client, saved you time and saved you money. And, wasn’t cancer causing. It is now factual, talc causes cancer. Not only does talc put your client at risk but also yourself. Sure, you can opt for cornstarch but even inhaling the powder all day is not safe for your lungs, plus you and your workspace will be covered in powder. Dusting constantly. Oil is the solution. One drop, done. No mess, no risk. Cirépil Pre & Post Depilatory Oil by Perron Rigot is the solution.

Cirépil Pre & post depilatory oilWhen it comes to getting the job done, most wax will leave hair behind when using powder. On the other hand, the oil acts like a magnet for the hair. When you apply the wax, the hair will stick tightly to the wax. This saves time and money. You will only need to go over the area one time, saving wax and time.

Waxing isn’t the most pleasurable experience, but with a high-quality wax and a pre oil it becomes nearly pain free. The oil acts as a barrier between the skin and the wax. When you remove the wax, it releases effortlessly taking all the hair with it but not pulling on the skin.

What if it doesn’t work? You tried the oil but no way, it doesn’t work for you. You likely used too much oil or maybe the wrong oil. One drop is all you need for any body area. Then blot the area really well. The skin should have a slight shine but shouldn’t look shiny. If too much oil is used, the wax won’t adhere. It will roll off upon application. Not to worry, simply re-cleanse the skin and apply the wax.

The best part about using oil is there will be very little wax pieces or residue left behind when you have finished waxing. But, if there is any wax residue left behind, you can use the oil post waxing as well.

Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 19 January 2022.