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7 Waxing Myths Demystified

Wax is not hurting

Read on to demystify the myths and facts when it comes to waxing!

1- Waxing causes premature aging

False. Waxing will remove the hair from the root. As skilled professionals being proficient in how to hold the skin so that the hair is removed without pulling the skin is imperative. The eyebrow and upper lip area is where the skin is the thinnest, even still, the hair is able to be removed without damage to the skin. Waxing is also a process that is done once every 4-6 weeks not a daily process. Aging is caused by free radical damage such as sun exposure, smoking, poor diet, genetic predisposition, and overall health, not waxing.

2- You need hair to keep you clean

False. When speaking of bikini waxing, we have all heard the myth that we need hair to keep bacteria at bay. Pubic hair can trap sweat, oil and bacteria that can cause odor. Keeping pubic hair or removing it is not a determination of hygiene. In modern times, we have access to daily showers which is the key to hygiene. Choosing to keep or remove hair will not determine hygiene.

3- Swimming is fine after waxing

No, false again. Whether speaking of a full leg wax, a bikini wax or any other body area, clients should avoid swimming for 24 hours after a waxing service. The bacteria present in a lake, ocean or pool can cause issues post waxing. Using a pre and post product to eliminate bacteria will help to keep the client’s skin clean. Cirépil Purifying Blue Lotion is ideal to cleanse the client’s skin prior to waxing and can also be used post waxing for an added benefit.

Do not swin after waxing session

4- Waxing makes the hair grow back thicker

False! Waxing will damage the hair follicle over time. This damage will make the hair finer and much of the hair will not grow back. Shaving makes the hair follicle stronger resulting in thicker more coarse hair. The full benefit of waxing is usually achieved after 3 consecutive waxing services spaced 4-6 weeks apart, without shaving between appointments. Voila! Less hair and virtually pain free waxing.

5- Pregnancy is a contraindication to waxing

Cirepil-boudoir-best-creamy-waxNope. False. Waxing is perfectly safe during pregnancy. Of course, the client can receive the green light from their Dr. for added safety, but pregnancy is not a contraindication. With waxing, hair is removed from the root with no damage to the skin. If the skin is swollen, if varicose veins are present or if the skin is compromised in any way that would be a no-go. Hormone levels may be a bit inconsistent and could make the skin more sensitive but overall, expecting ladies will be very happy to get waxed during this time. Opting for a wax designed for sensitive skin like Cirépil Boudoir will ensure an even more comfortable waxing experience. But a bit of caution, any ingrown hair product or post waxing product containing salicylic acid is not advised for pregnant women.

6- Waxing will cause hypergmentation.

False. When waxing is done properly with a high-quality low temperature wax, the skin will not be compromised, and hyperpigmentation will not result. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is caused by damage to the skin. When waxing, if the skin is burned, has lifted or has been bruised, the skin is damaged and undesirable results will ensue. Using a hypoallergenic low temperature wax, like Cirépil Cristalline along with proper technique will obtain optimal results.

7- Waxing hurts A LOT

No pain, no gain? Not in this scenario. This is a false statement.


While everyone’s pain tolerance varies, when waxing is done properly with a high-quality wax, very little discomfort should arise. The horror stories of clients using ice packs for 24 hours post waxing are not the experience that should be offered to a client. During the waxing process, the wax should easily release from the skin thanks to the Pre-Depilatory Oil and when the waxing service has ended, the skin should feel back to normal within minutes. The waxing service is a beauty treatment, not a painful experience.

Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 03 November 2021.